Welcome to the Heart of America Carnival Glass Association (HOACGA) Library and Archive. HOACGA was organized in the Kansas City Missouri area when collectors met on April 31, 1972. Their first convention was held one year later in 1973. HOACGA has been a leader in the promotion and education of carnival glass. Over the years, HOACGA has produced educational materials in printed form. It is our goal to perserve that written word and that of others to ensure that no knowledge gained in the past is lost in the future.

Our Mission Statement and Purpose is simple: To preserve and make available previously written materials to all.

Classic Era Carnival Glass

Classic era carnival glass was made by about six large makers from 1909 to the start of the Great Depression. During the 1960s through the 2000s, HOACGA and others published many books on the topic of patterns, makers, shapes and colors building a foundation of knowledge.

For Classic Era Carnival Glass Pricing go to:
Hooked on Carnival Glass

Depression Era or Late Carnival Glass

Late or Depression era carnival glass was made from the mid 1920s through to the 1950s. All glass production was halted due to WWII and it wasn't until the 1960s that glass makers started to revive carnival glass production with new patterns and colors. Very little if no research can be found on late or depression era carnival other than a maker's or a wholesaler's catalog from the period.

Contemporary Era Carnival Glass

Due to the growth of collecting Classic Era carnival glass in the 1950s and 60s, companies began to again make hand pressed molded iridized pattern glass. This contemporary glass was at its height in the 1970s and 80s and some production even continues today. This period was typified by many makers, both large and small, limited editions to retailers and wholesalers and club souvenirs.

The Jerry and Carol Curtis FLICKr Site is a photo album documenting:
Miniatures (items smaller than their expected state),
Smalls (items that are naturally small) and
Novelties (items not expected to be made in glass).

Below are a miniature Kittens cup and saucer, a small G&C pin tray and a novelty tomahawk. Certain items will fall into more than one category.

HOACGA Seminars on Video

Over the many years of carnival glass conventions, dozens of educational seminars and banquet presentations have been made. Meet the people and see their glass by viewing these videos.

HOACGA Newsletters

Newsletters are the primary way clubs communicate with their members. Newlsetters are filled with upcoming events, educational or human interest articles and club news. Learn more about the history of HOACGA by reading the newsletters here. Below are newsletter covers from 1/1996, 1/2005 and 1/2019.

HOACGA Auctions

HOACGA has hosted wonderful carnival glass auctions at its annual conventions. The auctioneers gather the glass and produce glossy brochures that are mailed to prospective buyers and handed out at the auction itself. Click above to see several brochures for auctions held at HOACGA over the years.